Put A Beard On This Woman & She’s Me!

I can’t do the splits. Heck – I can’t even get half-way to doing the splits! (I can do ‘the Triangle’, but I’m not sure that’s actually a thing?) To be honest I struggle to even sit cross-legged – I am one inflexible human being physically! When I became a dad, I was constantly amazed at how bendy babies were! … Read More

The 2 Most Important Words In A Leader’s Vocabulary

Here’s the thing, as leaders we’re constantly required to be forward focused. Where are we going? What’s next? What do we need? All that jazz is part of what makes a leader – well, a leader… But sometimes – we’re SO focused on tomorrow that we forget to acknowledge what was accomplished today, or even more importantly WHO contributed. The … Read More

3 REALLY HARD & DIFFICULT To Do Tips To Deal With Discouragement!

I reckon that if we all got in a room together and I asked, “Who here has ever felt discouraged?” – every single hand would go up, including mine. Everyone gets discouraged. In fact, the reason I’m writing about discouragement today is because the start of my week has been crappy. I have had an “I can’t do it!” start … Read More

Do You Know This?!

In the Disney movie Aladdin (which is brilliant by the way) – there’s a scene that takes place in the ‘Cave of Wonders’. Aladdin, our hero – has been sent to recover a precious item. His instructions are simple – resist the temptation to touch the myriad of treasures that are laid out before him, and instead, focus solely on … Read More

The Hardest Person To Lead Is…

John C Maxwell says that “Leadership is influence, nothing more – nothing less.” If that’s true (and I think it is) then those of us that aspire to be great leaders need to recognize one very important fact: People rarely open themselves up to the influence of people they don’t respect. In other words, you can’t be an effective leader … Read More