People Who Love THIS Are 500 Times More Likely To Become Millionaires…

Loving what you do – it’s a nice idea but how realistic is it – really?

Theoretically it’s a very simple 2-Step Process: First – find something that you love doing so much that you’d do it for free. Second – get so good at it that people will pay you to do it. But a lot of things are simple – in theory!

Boss: “This is the third time you’ve been late for work this week, do you know what that means?!”
Me: “It’s Wednesday?”

“Do I love my job? No. But does it afford me the ability to go on lavish vacations and buy whatever I want? Also no.”

Ever feel like the above statements could apply to you sometimes? ⠀

If you look around you’ll realize that most people don’t love what they do (maybe you’re even one of those people). Most people if you asked them; “Hey – would you turn up to work every day and do what you do if you didn’t get paid?” would say “No way!” because that’s the reason most people do what they do – for the money!

But here’s the interesting thing: people that do what they love not only end up far happier in life (I think we can all agree that’s an obvious outcome) but eventually they also end up doing a lot better financially – as a rule.

In fact I heard about a very interesting study the other day; in this study – they took 1500 people and split them into two groups. One group was made up of people that chose their career based on the need for money, the standard “Well I need some sort of job don’t I?” that sort of thing. This group accounted for 83% of the 1500.

The second group was made up of people that chose their career based on what they loved doing, and they thought “Well – I’ll just let the money side of things work itself out somehow.” This group accounted (obviously) for the remaining 17% of the 1500.

After 20 years the researchers compiled the results of their study. Of the 1500 participants, 101 had become millionaires (however they chose to measure that, I’m not sure – but it was the same criteria for all 1500).⠀

Here’s the crazy thing – of the 101 millionaires, how many do you think came from the 83% who went after the money compared to the 17% that did what they loved?⠀

ONE! One millionaire from the 83%, and one HUNDRED millionaires from the 17%. That’s literally a hundred to one, even though group A had almost five TIMES as many people – in fact, that puts the odds at 500 to 1.

According to their findings, you are 500 times MORE likely to become financially successful if you do what you love than if you work for the money. Why? Because if you work for the money you’re never going to consistently go the extra mile, you’re never going to consistently put in the hard yards, you’re never going to consistently push yourself to think outside the box, sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed or do what needs to be done – because you just. don’t. love. it.

As the saying goes, ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’.

You may also end up making a pretty penny.

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