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Josh Speaking

Josh knows that communication is an art.  He’s been involved in the public and motivational speaking circuit for many years, and has a wealth of experience in the MC’ing domain.  As a professionally trained and certified John Maxwell Speaker with 10 years experience in the entertainment industry, Josh offers a truly world class speaking experience.

Humour plays a huge part in any presentation he brings, and he has an ability to generate positive influence with his audience – be it 50 people, 500 people or 5,000. He offers customized presentations to fit your individual or team’s needs and budget; and can also incorporate your organization’s meeting theme, mission/vision statement or build on your existing training schedule to best fit the needs of your group.

James Yates

James Yates
Business Owner, Reignite Network

“Josh Van Berkel is the ultimate leadership professional. I have had the opportunity to work with Josh over the past 2 years in a variety of capacities, and his skills both from the back of the room in helping to develop teams of leaders, and from the front of the room, where he delivers rich, compelling (and often humorous) content have been exceptional both to witness and work with directly. I would have no hesitation to recommend Josh as your go to man when it comes to leadership development, facilitating compelling content, or inspiring people to create positive change in their lives.”

Chris De'Ath

Chris De’Ath
Arnhem Land Program Manager, MAF International

“Professional development is key to high functioning teams. Josh is a solid investment for any organization wanting to draw out the best from their people, and our team of 35 has benefited from the solid principles and insight he brings. Josh is one of the most engaging presenters I have seen, communicating with clarity, humour & depth.”

Belinda Topp

Daniel Fitzpatrick
Business Coach, Business Solutions’

“As a professional business consultant, I’m often invited to share my expertise with groups. I have previously attended Toastmasters for years and found it a great way of learning the basics. However, Josh digs in at a much deeper level which helped me quickly improve my speaking skills and cover more ground in a short time.

Josh knows his stuff. He really understands what your audience is looking for. You can tell he has a lot of experience in the hot seat himself as everything he suggests is backed up with a solid why and practical examples that make sense. All of this ultimately allows me to perform better, and attract more clients to my business.”

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson
Senior Pastor Ashburton New Life Church

“Quick witted, talented and professional, Josh has been an incredible craftsman of words when MC’ing Ashburton’s Mitre 10 Mega Christmas in the Park. He has provided insight into the building blocks of presenting live events and shared many ‘tricks of the trade’ making it a far easier task for his co-hosts.”

Glen Fraser

Glen Fraser
Owner, Create Design Studio

“Josh is a powerful and captivating communicator. He uses powerful insight mixed with humour to move people towards an action and gives them the keys they need to succeed in life.”

Chad Gibson

Billy John Rake
Property Developer & Entrepreneur

“I was blown away with the tips and tricks all backed up with real life experience – Josh is truly an expert in this field.”

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